200 Dolphins
(1 minute, 1 seconds)

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200 Dolphins - When mom yelled "Dolphins!", the crew stampeded on deck to greet an ocean teeming with gasping, curious mammals. This was our biggest pod of dolphins ever and the final ocean crossing of our circumnavigation. Morgan describes the incredible experience for all of us...

Our unbiased critic says: "Who among us hasn't jerked awake in the night to ask "What if Flipper went on a road trip with his extended family?"

Warp Speed
(4 minutes, 4 seconds)

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Warp Speed - Our passage from Gibraltar to the Canary Islands gave us an opportunity to try out a storm management technique called "streaming warps".  Basically, it means dragging ropes through the water in a last-ditch attempt to slow down....which we really wanted to do after our boat speed exceed 18 knots while surfing down massive waves.  This clip features a friend of ours (Morgan) who joined us for the Atlantic Ocean crossing.

Our unbiased critic says: "An unbelievable feature-length clip....like The Perfect Storm, but with big waves."

Ernest Says Willy's Had Enough
(1 minute, 42 seconds)

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Ernest Says Willy's Had Enough - What happens when you drift too close to a pod of pilot whales in mid ocean?  Papa whale blew warning bubbles, dove under the boat, then surfaced between our hulls to deliver an impromptu squeaky tirade.  I have heard of yachts getting rammed by whales, so it was good to escape with just a scolding.  Mama and Baby were curious and stuck around for filming after Papa left.

Our unbiased critic says: "A shocking final chapter to the Free Willy saga... Ernest would never be truly free until he told off the humans who put his cousin in the theme park in the first place."

In Case of Scurvy
(53 seconds)

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In Case of Scurvy - Captains need to be prepared for all eventualities on the open ocean.  Dad demonstrates what will happen if his crew is incapacitated by scurvy and he is left to accomplish a two-man job by himself.

Our unbiased critic says: "A poignant portrayal of one man's fight against acres of sail fabric."

Calamity Strikes!
(1 minute)

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Calamity Strikes! - Mom was on night watch when she heard strange vibrations from our port engine.  The next morning we stopped the boat and I dove in to solve the mystery.  It was my first open ocean swim (which was a bit eerie thanks to my imagination, Jaws, Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and National Geographic's Irritable and Deadly Creatures of the Deep).

Our unbiased critic says: "Jaws meets Greenpeace! Calamity heralds the birth of an explosive new cinematic genre: Oceanographic Drama."

What Is The Meltemi?
(48 seconds)

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What Is The Meltemi? - Gale force winds in the eastern Med blow consistently enough to earn names like "scirocco", "meltemi", and "conan the destroyer" depending on their strength and direction.  While pinned down off the Greek island of Niseros, Dad developed a sophisticated technique for measuring wind strength.

Our unbiased critic says: "It blew me away!  Thankfully this clip doesn't waste time on outmoded special effects.  I've seen enough of flying houses and airborne livestock....what I really want from Hollywood is low-tech-towel-waving honesty.  Thanks for showing us the way."

Dream Machine
(25 seconds)

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Dream Machine - A surprise reunion in Marmaris, Turkey.  We met the original owners of Quest in the Marquesas Islands ten years ago and sailed in company with them to New Zealand.  They sold the boat and Dad has been lusting after it ever since.

Our unbiased critic says: "If Batman ever wants a boat that isn't black or bat-shaped but sails like it has afterburners, he'll buy Quest."

SCUBA Dancing
(7 seconds)

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SCUBA Dancing - Underwater footage from Sarah's final SCUBA certification dive in the Phi Phi islands.  While her fellow students focus on mundane things like air tank pressures and decompression tables, she chooses to bust a move.

Our unbiased critic says: "Sheer cinematic brilliance...all the magic of The Little Mermaid in a slick, Dirty Dancing package.  Eat your heart out, Swayze!"

Why Is Dad Doing This?
(10 seconds)

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Why Is Dad Doing This? - We went to a cobra show in Phuket where they asked for audience volunteers to put a finger in an angry snake's mouth.  Dad and I clung to our cameras in shame while a scared but willing lady from Belgium exposed us for the wusses we were.  Two days later we went back to the snake show for more filming, but this time we had no excuses.  Dad dared me, I dared him, and everything escalated from there...(P.S. That's me you hear cheering Dad on after the snake lunges at him.)

Our unbiased critic says: "Amazing!  Never before have I witnessed such pointless bravery....this is a clip to treasure."

Why Is David Doing This?
(7 seconds)

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Why is David Doing This? - I should point out that although this snake has teeth, it is non-venomous and doesn't have fangs.  Kids, don't try this at home...especially if your parents are lawyers.  And if you do and they are, definitely don't tell them you saw it on this website.

Our unbiased critic says: "I was so inspired by this clip that I went to the pet store, bought a snake, took it home, stuck my finger in its mouth, called the emergency room, then had the doctor sew it back on."

Why Would Anyone Do This?
(7 seconds)

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Why Would Anyone Do This? - Part of each snake show is dedicated to teaching the public about snakes and how to treat them, but I can't remember if this is a "Do" or "Don't Do".  Seriously, though.  This is a King Cobra, which means that he is so big and mean that he slithers around eating smaller, regular cobras.  Life Rule #532: Don't kiss King Cobras.
Do not try this at home, or in anyone else's home.  This man is a professional snake handler.

Our unbiased critic says: "I'm glad they issued such an ironclad disclaimer with this clip.  It only just stopped me from making another trip to the pet store."

(9 seconds)

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Foosball - Pool and foosball tables line the streets of Aden, Yemen.  While strolling through the market, Dad got challenged to a friendly game of foos by a young Yemeni man.  A crowd rapidly materialized to witness Dad unleash his athletic prowess...

Our unbiased critic says: "This is the sports movie I've been waiting for.  Sure, it's only 9 seconds long, but it packs more emotional punch than 1000 Rockys.  Viva la Foos!"

That Doesn't Look So Hard
(1 minute, 6 seconds)

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That Doesn't Look So Hard - A title reflecting the last thoughts of many a kite surfer... This project was born after I filmed a 20 minute kite surfing session of my kiting instructor, Nikolai.  In an unsuccessful attempt to procure free lessons, I edited the footage, recorded a soundtrack, and burned an interactive DVD in 16 sleepless hours.  Although no lessons were forthcoming (and the people on the boat next door are still mad at me for recording hand drums at midnight) I'm still proud to present you with the finished product.

Filmed at the kiting mecca of Hurghada, Egypt.

Our unbiased critic says: "Before I saw this film, I didn't understand what could possess someone to strap a giant kite to their torso and spit in the face of the wind gods.  Now it makes perfect sense.  Thanks, David!"

World's Shortest Camel Ride
(10 seconds)

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World's Shortest Camel Ride - Sarah's ride at the pyramids of Giza wasn't actually this short, but let's be honest: The standing up and sitting down are the most exciting parts...

Our unbiased critic says: "Reminiscent of Hitchcock's early work, I felt the camel's belch at the end of this clip gave satisfying closure."

Ride 'em Camelboy
(8 seconds)

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Ride 'em Camelboy - Filmed on a very windy day in Aswan, Egypt.  If you haven't seen Dad ride a camel (and that probably includes most of you), then you should watch this clip.

Our unbiased critic says: "I never expected a simple video clip about a camel ride to move me this deeply.  It's a flawless blend of Old West traditions with the mystery of the Orient."

(9 seconds)

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Superdonkey - I call this animal "Superdonkey" in honor of its incredible pace up the canyon in Petra, Jordan.  The climb to a tomb called the "Monastery" has over 900 steps.  In order to film Mom astride her steed, I had to sprint ahead and hold my breath while they passed to avoid panting into the microphone.

Our unbiased critic says: "Sarah's heartfelt speech echoes in my mind in the way that only fundamental truths can.  Indeed, the donkey goes too fast."

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