All of these tunes were written and recorded on board Exit Only during our trek from Australia.
In my mind I hear electric guitars, choirs, and orchestras but sadly none of these work very well on a boat.
Electric guitars corrode, choirs get seasick, and orchestras refuse to regard cellos as emergency flotation devices.
Thus I use an acoustic guitar, a laptop, and improvised sound effects to fill out the arrangements.
You can learn more about the songwriting process and my music at: www.toomanydrummers.com



One Less Kangaroo

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One Less Kangaroo - We limped away from our first road train encounter sporting three new cracks in our windshield. American roads don't have their equivalent but if you imagine a semi truck pulling five trailers at 50 mph down a gravel track, you're getting close.

Kangaroos are less-than-brilliant thinkers and nocturnal. On outback highways it is best to finish your driving before sundown to avoid an unhappy collision with 100 lbs of excited, hopping marsupial.

Road trains can drive through the night because their sheer size excludes them from the rules of the road....which is why the sides of outback highways are littered with kangaroos.

Our unbiased critic says: "The world needs more songs to hoedown to...Dave found a niche and filled it."

March the Unafraid

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March the Unafraid - This song is about finding the strength to surrender to God's plan for our lives. It takes up the story where Move to Sever left off.

This is my first foray into the world of drum machines. I added three hand drum parts to liven up the feel and somehow ended up with a danceable track.

Our unbiased critic says: "It's impossible to stop my feet from tapping along...which is a problem because I listen to music while I drive and I don't have cruise control."

Carousel / Move to Sever

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Carousel/Move to Sever - These two songs are the first tracks in my attempt to tell a story over the course of an album-length project.

Carousel is about a person who spent their life going through the motions and one day finds they have been free to do whatever they wanted the whole time.

Move to Sever talks about a God who loves us so much He lets us choose what we want to do with our lives.

Our unbiased critic says: "I laughed, I cried, I pressed "Repeat"...."

Sarah's Song

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Sarah's Song - When Sarah left the boat after sailing with us from Australia to the Balearics, I had yet to write her an official "love song". Her departure motivated me to lie on my bunk, strum aimlessly on a guitar, and hum melancholy tunes (if you can call that a motivated effort).

Eventually a song formed when I thought about how much I love the sound of her voice.

Our unbiased critic says: "A love song for anyone who knows what it's like to make tough choices."


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Picasso - Our culture primes and programs us to care what "everyone else" thinks. Who we are is often decided by externals like what brand of clothes we wear, what music we listen to, our age bracket, wallet size, and body fat ratio....in other words, lame stuff.

In a culture that worships at the altars of youth and sexiness we somehow have to get beyond these shallow expectations of life. I'm not saying I don't want to be cool or to be liked....I'm saying I need to find my identity in being who I was made to be: a child of God.

If you haven't reached a point in your life where that makes sense to you, it is ok.

On a fundamental level I think most of us can acknowledge that most of the things this world tells us to care about have no hope of lasting.

There is no amount of botox in the universe large enough to keep you looking 18. If you find your identity in how you look then you will never be happy. An obsession to look perpetually young, hip, and sexy will plague you with doubts and make you feel worthless inside because you can't accept your body.

The only constant in this universe is that God loves you for exactly who you are. He knows everything about you and He wants to have a personal relationship with you.
That is worth finding your identity in.

Our unbiased critic says: "Acoustic Southern Funk at its finest."

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