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Episode 1: The Perfect Storm

Description:  Parachute sea anchors, drogues, and trailing warps keep Exit Only safe during storms at sea.

Episode 2: Cruising and the Grand Scheme of Things

Description:  What you do isn't important in the grand scheme of things, but it's very important that you do it.

Episode 3: Fear and the Cruising Sailor

Description:  I don't let fear rule my sailing life.  The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Episode 4: Seaworthy Catamarans - It's Not About Size

Description:  It's not the size of the catamaran that counts. Seamanship is what makes it possible to sail around the world.

Episode 5: Spaceship Exit Only

Description:  Leave your land based existence behind and set sail into near space.

Episode 6: Impossible and Improbable Dreams

Description:  The impossible and improbable frequently happen when you sail on the ocean of your dreams.

Episode 7: Freedom and the Cruising Sailor

Description:  Freedom is only a thought away.  You must think and act freedom into your life.

Episode 8: When Are You Coming Home?

Description:  Where you live is a decision of the heart.  Home is where the heart is.

Episode 9: Far Horizons

Description:  Horizons have a salubrious effect on my mind.  When I look at the horizon, I feel my world expand.

Episode 10: If Jellyfish Had a Brain

Description:  If jellyfish had a brain, we would all be in trouble.  Their tentacles of mass destruction might take over the world.

Episode 11: Flying and Holding On

Description:  I need to let go and spread my wings and fly.

Episode 12: Seasteading - A Great Way to Live

Description:  Make your home on the seven seas.  Seasteading is a great way to live.

Episode 13: Somewhere Other Than Here

Description:  Don't live somewhere other than here.  Live in the moment as you sail on the ocean of your dreams.