The farther north you travel in the Red Sea, the better the windsurfing becomes.

The Gulf of Suez is a wind tunnel that funnels strong breezes into the northern Red Sea.  You have persistent northerly winds that make for great windsurfing.  Because of the favorable wind direction, novices don't need to worry about getting blown out to sea.  The Egyptian coastline also has an abundance of protected bays so there's plenty of gusto without having to struggle with large seas.

In the afternoon there are steady twenty to twenty-five knot winds ready to blow your mind.  Put the sailboard in the water and sail into the setting sun.

If you look at the mountains in the distance, you can see why the wind comes roaring down the Red Sea.  The mountains on both sides of the Gulf of Suez create a wind tunnel that pumps powerful breezes down the coast almost every afternoon.

When the wind blows at twenty knots, there are smiles all around.