Someone once said that the birth of a child proves that God hasn't given up on the world yet, and I'm inclined to agree.


After living outside the USA for twenty-eight years and traveling twice around the world, I find that children are my greatest reason for hope.  I can see it in their eyes and hearts.  They have no axes to grind, they ignore hardship, and they love life.

When we fill their minds with hate, shame on us.

These guys are best friends forever.

This industrious fellow is just returning from a special mission of serving Arabic tea in traditional tiny cups.

These guys are ready to head off for school.

This young fellow is working with his father in the boatyard.  He is learning boatbuilding skills from his dad who is shaping a boat timber with an adze.

These kids are not from Saukin.  Their headgear and attire show that they are from Sudanese tribal regions in the interior of Sudan.

The most important thing I did in my entire lifetime was raise my children.  If my children have good values, if they have good self-esteem, if they have a spirituality that works for them, and if they are still my best friends when they grow up, then I am a success.

As long as there are kids, there is hope.