Don't Look Down

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Don't Look Down - This is what Exit Only looks like from the top of the mast. WARNING: If you're scared of heights, this wallpaper will be difficult for you to change because you won't be able to look at your screen without getting vertigo.

Our unbiased art critic says: "I'm terrified of heights but also fiercely anti-authoritarian. It took nearly two hours of blind, frantic keyboard tapping before I managed to change my wallpaper to a soothing Monet."

Tobago Traffic

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Tobago Traffic - The Tobago Cays are gorgeous. Although the main anchorage is often teeming with yachts, there is plenty of room for everyone. Check out the shadows beneath the boats.

Our unbiased art critic says: "That does it. I'm quitting my job in the Art Institute furnace room and moving to French Polynesia."


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Pristine - A beautiful Lagoon catamaran in the Tobago Cays.

Our unbiased art critic says: "If this picture were a poem it would be written under the branches of an oak tree by a love struck boy, inscribed on scrolls and preserved through the centuries in a long-forgotten monastery, then romantically rediscovered by a soulful girl vacationing in Italy...But it's not a poem. It's a picture of a boat. A pretty boat."

Shadow on the Ground

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Shadow on the Ground -  There are two possibilities when you see a shadow from your boat on the ocean floor:
a) you are in paradise
b) you've just run aground

Our unbiased art critic says:
"I've heard it said that there can be no light without darkness. Certainly, my black-hearted Renaissance Sculpting professor inadvertently pointed us all towards the reality of this truth...but until now I had never seen visual confirmation."

Fly Like A Turtle

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Fly Like A Turtle - The island of Bequia boasts an awesome non-profit turtle sanctuary. You can get up close and personal with hundreds of turtles, some of who nuzzle up to the sides of their tanks to have their shells rubbed.

Our unbiased art critic says: "This photo took me beyond my limited horizons into a world where speed and hydrodynamics are mere trifles to be manipulated at will. The turtle really looks like he is flying."

Dali's Dolphins

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Dali's Dolphins - Dolphins are nature's goodwill ambassadors. This particular pod escorted us on our southward trek to the Cape Verde islands. The clear water distorted their bodies into surrealistic, shadowy fish hunters.

Our unbiased art critic says: "What is a line if not a frugal salute to the fragile beauty of nature's geometry? What is distortion if not nature's response to humanity's attempts at creation?"


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Pod - Even after 30,000 miles we still get excited by pods of dolphins. We applaud their acrobatic efforts with whistles and barrages of photography as they dodge back and forth under our boat and play in our bow waves.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Anyone but a small, edible fish will love this wallpaper."

Gentle Giants

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Gentle Giants - I don't understand how people can kill whales.  Dad and I stumbled across this momma pilot whale and her calf as we sailed to Gibraltar.  They swam right up to the boat for an impromptu 1 1/2 hour photo shoot.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Enchantment is an elusive state of mind...but there is no other way to describe this unlikely collision of grace and mass.  Yeah, it's good."

Velvet Horizon

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Velvet Horizon - Ocean sunsets are always unique and frequently breathtaking.  Dad shot this one in the Indian Ocean while he kept a watch out for tsunami debris.

Our unbiased art critic says: "The photographer's plaintive cry builds into a silken scream of defiance against the night.  Velvet Horizon is a beacon in this cold, dark world of acid-rain and overdue term papers.  In short, I like it."

Rock and Roll

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Rock and Roll - If this wallpaper were music, it would be the type your parents never let you listen to for fear that you might run away to join a biker gang.  DISCLAMER: Maxingout.com does not accept responsibility for those of you who buy boats and sail off into the sunset (or join a biker gang) after downloading this picture.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Music and art are reflections of life's greatest challenge: to know oneself.  In this photo I discovered an inexplicable desire to join the circus as a tightrope walker.  All that remains is to finish grad school and conquer my fear of heights."

Profile of A Cruising Yacht

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Profile of A Cruising Yacht - The Mediterranean is famous for deep anchorages and unforgiving rocky shores.  This wallpaper shows Exit Only in the throes of "Med Mooring", a technique which involves dropping an anchor off the bow and fastening a line to shore.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Profile of A Cruising Yacht?  Nay!  Better to call it Profile in Anchored Passion, for rare is an encounter with such symmetry, yet rarer still is the visual poetry this wallpaper bears witness to!  Plus, it's really good."

Orange Sand + Blue Sky = Green Rover

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Orange Sand + Blue Sky = Green Rover - This is what it feels like to drive across endless plains of pristine sand in Saudi Arabia.  It may not have much to do with the ocean but it has a lot to do with Maxing Out.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Since installing this wallpaper I've developed a nasty compulsion to swerve my Corolla off the interstate at 70 mph in search of sand dunes.  When I show the arresting officer this photo on my laptop I usually get off with a warning."

Why I Will Never Complain
About Real Estate Prices Again

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Why I Will Never Complain..... - Niche markets develop wherever people eat strange things.  In this case a market has somehow developed for the saliva found in Thai sparrow nests.  The nests are worth so much that a man with automatic weapons lives in this hut to guard against poachers.  I'm not kidding, by the way.  This is 100% true.

Our unbiased art critic says: "The dichotomy between guardian and guarded has never been so elegantly exposed.  In this deeply layered metaphor for Big Brother, the photographer penetrates our latte-induced haze with the haunting question of "whom is guarding whom?".  Neato."

Born to Soar

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Born to Soar - A Malaysian eagle hunting in the Langkawi nature reserve.  Dad shot this picture from the dinghy while 20-30 eagles silently swooped on chicken scraps during feeding time.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Born to Soar combines the brilliance of Ansel Adams with the poignancy of Monet.  It will stun ornithologists, thrill parrot owners, and terrify hamsters."

Volcano Fields

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Volcano Fields - You can't tell from looking, but this photo was taken mere hours before the coldest night of camping we ever had in Saudi.  The clouds rolled in that evening to threaten us with flash floods, so the whole family slept in one tent in case we had to leave in a hurry.  If you have a very active imagination you can almost make out our campsite on the far side of the lava flow.  Look closer and you'll see mom bundled up in the Rover to get out of the arctic wind blasts.

Our unbiased art critic says: "This wallpaper captures the soul of this harsh landscape in a way that eludes mere words.  Pretty clouds, too."

Difnein Island

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Difnein Island - A relaxing wallpaper for all you stressed out people out there.  This is Difnein Island, which lies just off the coast of Sudan in the Red Sea.  We spent a day exploring and filming on Difnein.  In the evening we learned that our cruising guide had neglected to mention the island's minefield.

Our unbiased art critic says: "Sunsets like this were meant to be recorded, in as much as a photo can hint at the majesty of a dying day and the promise of a newborn night."

Isle of Pines

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Isle of Pines - New Caledonia.  Mom and dad say this is the one of the prettiest cruising grounds they have come across.  It's a French beach but there aren't any naked people...or are there?

Our unbiased art critic says: "In order to fully appreciate this work, I devoted three hours to a meticulous examination of every detail of the beach.  Sadly, I discovered the wallpaper description is nothing more than a ruse.  And my eyes hurt."

No Hamster is Safe

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No Hamster is Safe - Continuing our theme of terrifying small rodents, this wallpaper features an osprey.  Dad photographed it on an island in the Red Sea.

Our unbiased art critic says: "This raptor symbolizes mankind's metaphorical struggle against the pull of gravity in everyday life.  The photographer is seeking to draw a connection between what is and what could be.  Or else it's just a pretty picture of a bird.  Hard to say."

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