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My best efforts to write and record on the open
seas are laid bare for your listening pleasure....

Click here - March the Unafraid (it's danceable!)
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- Carousel/Move to Sever
Click here - Sarah's Song
Click here - One Less Kangaroo (just the song)
Click here - One Less Kangaroo (with explanation)
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A Brief Modern History of Norman's Cay

1970s - Colombian drug lord Carlos Rivas turns the small Bahamian island of Norman's Cay into part of an international drug smuggling operation.

1980s - DC-3 misses the island landing strip and crashes into the lagoon on an ill-fated drug run.

1983 - NBC documentary exposes the drug operation and authorities move in.

1987 - Carlos Rivas sentenced to 135 years in prison for drug trafficking. He strikes a deal with the government and agrees to testify against Manuel Noriega.

1990s - Cruisers return to Norman's Cay and write graffiti in the abandoned buildings of the drug compound.

2006 - The DC-3 becomes one of my favorite snorkels ever.


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