Gallery 1: Oz & Indonesia
Gallery 2: S.E. Asia
Gallery 3: Thailand
Gallery 4: Maldives & Oman
Gallery 5: Yemen to Sudan
Gallery 6: Red Sea & Egypt
Gallery 7: Israel & Petra

Gallery 8: Cyprus & Turkey
Gallery 9: Greek Islands
Gallery 10: Italy, Spain, Gibraltar
Gallery 11: Canary Islands
Gallery 12: Grand Canaria
Gallery 13: Canary Christmas
Gallery 14: Transatlantic Adventures
Gallery 15: Barbados
Gallery 16: Bequia
Gallery 17: Trinidad Nature
Gallery 18: Trini Old Carnival
Gallery 19: Trini Kiddie Carnival
Gallery 20: Trini Carnival Monarchs
Gallery 21: Trini Steel Pan
Gallery 22: Trini Parade of Bands
Gallery 23: Grenada
Gallery 24: St. Lucia
Gallery 25: Martinique
Gallery 26: Caribbean Critters
Gallery 27: Alien Life Forms
Gallery 28: Tobago Cays
Gallery 29: Dominica
Gallery 30: Montserrat
Gallery 31: Iles des Saintes
Gallery 32: Nevis
Gallery 33: Saint Martin

Gallery 34: Sea Birds of a Feather
Gallery 35: Virgin Gorda BVI
Gallery 36: Anegada

Gallery 37: St. Thomas Kiddie Carnival
Gallery 38: St. Thomas Carnival
Gallery 39: Culebra
Gallery 40: Puerto Rico Rainforest
Gallery 41: Manatees
Gallery 42: Puerto Rico


Manatees coming up
for a breath of fresh air

Manatee swims to freshwater
hoses to have a drink

Manatee takes a hose in his
mouth and swims away

One manatee drinking from a
freshwater hose

Two manatees sharing a
freshwater hose

Three manatees sharing a
freshwater hose

Manatee finishes with the water
hose and abandons it

Manatee drinking from hose
with nostrils wide open

Same manatee drinking from
hose with nostrils shut tight

Whopper size manatee tails

Manatee enemy number one:
propellers from boats kill many

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