Latest Vlog Entry

Blown Away!

Season 2 Episode 4: Watch our newest vlog episode as we leave Port Lucaya, lose control of our code zero, and are treated to a parachuting extravaganza!

The Great Escape

Season 2 Episode 3: The Great Escape. We've broken the suction and finally left Ft Pierce for the Bahamas! Here's how we plan to keep the Captain safe while we're sailing!

Latest Blog Entry

Crocodiles and capybaras!

Panama is full of amazing critters! We discover that the marina has a crocodile with a taste for capybaras! Read Donna's blog to find out about our most recent adventures!

Thoughts on the Bahamas ...

The Bahamas was our first foray into sailing on Exit Only with kids in tow. Check out Sarah's thoughts and insights on the Bahamas!

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