Zoe: My favorite things in the Galapagos

I really loved the Galapagos. My family sailed there on our sailboat, SV Exit Only. It took us 6 days to sail from Panama to the Galapagos. On our way to the Galapagos, we crossed the Equator. When you cross the Equator, you become a Shellback. We celebrated by eating a crunchy chocolate bar, blueberry pie and jumping in the water. The water was nice and warm. I felt a little scared, but I still jumped in. I swam with a great white shark …. Not really! : )

When we arrived in the Galapagos, I was so happy and excited to be there! Here is a list of some of my favorite things in the Galapagos.

1. My first favorite thing was jumping off a dock at San Cristobal. I saw a bunch of other kids jumping from the dock into the water. I thought that it would a lot of fun. I think the jump was about 20 feet. Dad jumped with me. The water was chilly, but it felt awesome. It was funny when Dad couldn’t get out of the water. It was too slippery for him to climb up onto the dock. He kept slipping back into the water.

2. My second favorite thing was when I had some ice cream. I love ice cream! We found a store in Santa Cruz that sold soft serve ice cream. I really loved the mora flavor, which is blackberry. When came back to get more ice cream a few more times. It was soooo good!

3. My third favorite thing was getting to go to the bakery. We discovered a bakery on San Cristobal with Gaga and Baba. They had lots of pastries and breads which were made every day. You picked up a basket and tongs, then you selected a piece of bread or pastry. My favorite pastry was filled with blackberry jam! It tasted delicious!

4. My fourth favorite thing was getting to climb the El Junco volcano. It was a tall volcano and at the top was a freshwater lake. The frigate birds loved the water in the lake. They liked to drink the water and wash off the salt from their wings. We could see lots of other mountains all around.

5. My fifth favorite thing was making new friends. I met some kids on the beach and we had a great time playing. Ian and Aubrey were backpacking with their mom and dad. We went lots of places together. It was nice to play with someone my own age.

6. My sixth favorite thing was going snorkeling at La Loberia beach on San Cristobal Island. It was a long walk to get there. We went with our friends, Aubrey and Ian. We made the hike more fun by playing "Follow the leader". We saw 4 big sea turtles when we went snorkeling in the water. They were just grazing and hanging out underwater. After that we went back to the beach and built a big sand car with our friends.

The Galapagos is a fun place to visit. And so I recommend checking out these places!

Joss: My favorite things in the Galapagos

1. I went swimming. — I swam by the boat. I saw baby black tip sharks. They came to our boat because they thought our splashing was their fish dinner!

2. I got ice cream — I ate lots of ice cream. I liked the soft serve ice cream that we found in Santa Cruz. My favorite flavor was berry.

3. Making friends — I made new friends in the Galapagos. I met two kids named Ian and Aubrey. They were lots of fun to play with.

4. And the bakery. — I loved going to the bakery in San Cristobal. They had so many yummy things to eat.