Exit Only Refit 2018 -- Ft Pierce, FL

S.O.S! We've sprung a leak!

Work is now well underway on SV Exit Only. Unfortunately, it looks like the boat has sprung a leak!! ... but from where? Captain Dave and David investigate to find the source of the leak. What will it take to fix the leak? How will this impact the rest of the refit?


Exit Only Refit 2018 -- Ft Pierce, FL

Will our 25 year old life raft float?

SV Exit Only has been on the hard for over 10 years. It's time for a major refit. One of the first things we inspect is the life raft. Our Givens life raft is now 25 years old. It was purchased for our first trip in 1993. It's been re-certified twice and thankfully has never had to be deployed. Let's hope that three time's the charm.


The Red Sea Chronicles

Exit Only sailed up the Red Sea in 2005. After passing through the Bab El Mandeb, we braved 40 knots of wind and sand storms. We discovered a unique and beautiful cruising ground in the Red Sea. We visited Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt along the way. Come follow our adventures in these excerpts from our 2007 DVD The Red Sea Chronicles.

  • Episode 1: When Flying Fish Attack

  • Finishing off our 11 day Indian Ocean crossing, we are greeted by a flying fish attack.

  • Episode 2: Pirate Alley

  • The Sea of Aden is well known for it's human trafficking and pirate attacks. While in Salalah, Oman we prepped for our next passage and make a plan to outwit the pirates.

  • Episode 3: Aden, Yemen

  • We make an unexpected stop in Aden and discover friendly people, a bustling market and delicious food. We hear scary news on the cruiser's net of a pirate attack on our fellow cruisers.

  • Episode 4: Gate of Sorrows and Sandstorms

  • We finally leave the dangerous waters of the Sea of Aden and pass through the Bab El Mandeb. What awaits us on the other side?